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Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting

Who and Why

You’ve stumbled upon my warcraft blog. If you don’t play warcraft you’re obviously in the wrong place, and no amount of explanation will clear the confusion! But, if you do play World of Warcraft, welcome to the chaos!

So, why Hybrids?

I’m a professed jack of all trades warcraft player. I really love the social aspect of this game. I play because I like the people I play with. If I only played because of the game, I’d play a lot less. That said, I prefer hybrid toons. This began with my love affair with Lheaf, my oldest living toon, my main for all of The Burning Crusade, and my shadowpriest Zarixaanu, whom I created because everyone back then talked about how much they sucked and they were ONLY a utility for guilds & raids. At the start, hybrid simply meant to me that I was more useful than my dps. In The burning Crusade, this was because druids had innervate and battle res and a few CC abilities that were crucial to every fight. I was a tank back then. I relish the control of everything as a tank. My priest was shadow. Both of them flat out refused to ever heal, anything.

When Wrath of the Lich King broke armor for bear tanks, I retired the druid and finished levelling my shaman (enhancement melee), then started raiding with her (someone needed to heal). So I became an excellent healer, and led some raids. Shamans became “the” hybrid with their heroism and their totems, before the class normalization push really started to hit the game hard. An odyssey through the Sentinels-US-RP server over months and months of raiding, Pick-up-grouping, and guild hopping led me to return to my druid as my primary toon when she got into a 25m raiding guild . I had dabbled with healing just to try to bring life back to my druid, and became one of the core healers there. But all good things do come to an end, and in boredom I levelled a blood elf paladin who has since been reborn as a dwarven paladin, on Ner’zhul-US-PVP.

I’m not a hardcore raider. I don’t want to min-max to a ridiculous extent (no I am not changing my professions), I don’t make gobs of gold and so I don’t spend gobs of gold. I tend to loathe achievements, except for those that happen accidentally. But I know my classes pretty well and I play them half-way decently. I try my best to have fun in this game and make sure those I’m partied/guilded/interacting with get the same chance.


Raid Warning Druid Roundtabe

Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

Things to Know

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