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Overlooked Changes (via Psynister’s Notebook)

I’ve been pretty busy with alts lately. My troll hunter Kiotikah is about to go to Northrend, my new night elf mage is level 25, and I even did some work on a baby dwarf priest on Arathor. All good times with my levelling buddy. Even just raking in the gold from skinning makes me happy!

So, because I’ve been busy on alts, I’ve seen these changes first hand just hadn’t noticed all the little details. Right now is indeed the best time to make an alt, I think! So, thanks @psynister for the heads up!

Today we're going to look at some of the things that have changed in the recent patches that not everyone knows about. Blizzard did an excellent job of leaving things out of the patch notes this time around and it's been a bit of an interesting search trying to find them all. I'm sure I don't have all of the things that have gone unnoticed listed here, so I certainly welcome your input on anything else you may have noticed that others seem to hav … Read More

via Psynister's Notebook


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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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