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Cynwise’s Battlefield Store (via Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual)

GIVE ME NAO! No really. I have the absolute most fun in Eye of the Storm. I think it’s combat style suits me the best. I will queue that all day and not get bored!

So, someone that loves me, you know what to do.

I think the coffee mugs suits me best, however. Or else, wtb dark colored tshirt. At the very least, grey not white.

Cynwise's Battlefield Store You may recall the topographical battleground maps I did a few months ago; maps that showed the logical flow of the battlegrounds instead of the actual terrain.  The feedback I got on the designs was great and much appreciated, but I kept thinking that I needed to do more with them.  Maybe a series of introductory posts to each BG, or a detailed analysis of various strategies used in each fight. But every time I sat down to write such a thing, I … Read More

via Cynwise's Battlefield Manual


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Raid Warning Druid Roundtabe

Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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