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The ultimate Boss fight

Matticus, of World of Matticus, PlusHeal, nostockui and wow.com fame, shared his dream from the other night with his followers on twitter. It led to much hilarity. I was quite amused that every time my twitter warcraft feed updated, there were yet more phases/scary things added to it. Here I’ll share the gradual progression of this epic encounter, and hopefully you’ll get a chuckle at least out of it.

The best part is the representation of it in image form at the end.

@matticus Dreamed of the hardest boss fight. Defile. Doomfire. Has 2 fire elementals that must be tanked in a tangent. Must pass cores. And 360°cleave

@tinkerpriest add in disease spreading and passing polarities

@Technophobia And you have to sit through a 10-minute RP intro and not AFK.

@MoodyDK And top it off with a Safety Dance.

@tinkerpriest add mind control, taunt immunity, and lava walls on heroic

@GamerGaz you forgot the crosshealing adds 🙂

@tinkerpriest And Leeching Swarm.

@tinkerpriest ….now it needs to grip 3 people for 110% of hp over 10sec, can’t heal targets directly.

@_Rades Also inbetween phases you have to dance across a floor that spews acid in horrible yet oddly predictable patterns.

@Thiefd Air Phase please?

@Technophobia 5min hard enrage, IMO.

@borskzj What about resist stacking?

@matticus Said boss must also include healing, dps, and tanking beams that must be blocked. Also drops random infernals. Has to be tanked by a mage.

@matticus I think thats what, 8 phases?

@Jezriya phase 9 is all the even numbered phases at once. phase 10 is all the odd ones.

@Kenichan How bout a knockback which throws off the top aggroer where 2nd & 3rd tank has to pickup?

@Loupyn must pass cores to remove stacking debuff on raid member, only 3 per fight and desolves if held >30s or <15s ?

@tinkerpriest 9 minute berserk timer, rebuffs on raid heal boss, stacking debuff (uncleanseable) on tanks that blows them up when it reaches 12.

@krizzlybear hardmode is activated when you heal an imprisoned NPC to 100%.

@pikestaff do we have a positive and a negative side yet?

@krizzlybear the trick is you have to pair up each + with an -, instead of stacking all the similar signs together.

@MoodyDK Four sides. Up, down, charm, strange.

@tinkerpriest achievement: claw cracker: burn each pincer within 10 sec of the other without losing anyone to Pinched.

@_Rades But each time you pair up, it has to be with a different person than the last time.

@tinkerpriest different race, get 45 sec debuff similar to argent tourney ones.

@pikestaff also, two words: Flame Wreath

@tinkerpriest do not move when flame wreath is cast or the raid blows up…

@Eforextinction Also, if it kills a player, it gains a new ability depending on the class of the player.

@_Rades Also the outside of the room is lined with eggs that will hatch & spawn whelps.

@tinkerpriest even better, the boss randomly decides 5 of these to use each lockout.

@krizhek so do we have a phase with cubes to click before he cast a instadeath spell?

@blackbell don’t forget void zones!

@pikestaff boss quote when he kills a player: “to the GROUND, baby!”

@tinkerpriest leeching debuff on any player more than 10 yds out, gas debuff that spreads to players within 7 yds.

@Technophobia And it should be called The Ultimate Raid Boss Of Ultimate Destiny.

@_Rades Rumored to drop the server-unique Pony mount but this has never been confirmed.

@MoodyDK Vehicle phases?

@matticus On phase 11, boss deathgrips everyone to middle, then casts arcane explosion. Flame Wreath. Blizzard. And Thorim like Lightning charge

@tinkerpriest final phase drops 3 legendary crackers and allows ranged to drop molten liquids to slow/snare.

@_Rades The molten only slows the crab adds (cradds?) though, as we know the big Crab is immune to flaming.

@Mcconniff MATT!!! Wake up you’re killing us!!!!!

@chanze and must have rays spitting venom covering the floor and the air phase from KT, and Annihilation

@MoodyDK I hope when GC puts this in he credits us. Then again, maybe I don’t.

@matticus the only bad thing about the encounter is that it will be solo’d by a rogue in 6 months

Achievement/Title for beating this boss?

Crab Slayer and The Deadliest Catch.


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