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Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting

An inspired UI

I have a sucktastic machine. Really. I play with the absolute minimum of RAM required, and somehow I usually manage to multitask pretty well, too. This doesn’t always work great with me being a healer and a slight addon addict.

@warcraftic on Twitter today showed his beautiful new UI and while I can admire it like the work of art it is, I know I’ll never have it. Too many toons, too little patience to deal with oUF myself. But, I’m inspired. And I have been inspired before now. With nostockui.com and tukui and batiui and lui. I’ve really seen some truly beautiful things and come to my own conclusions about what I need to function best in my World of Warcraft adventures.

Disco bubbles!

Showing off my typical ten man UI

and then

It's trash!  Sue me!  I need the MGT trinket

Who knew a blood elf shaman was so sexy? Want my armor back though..

I couldn’t live without:
Deus Vox Encounters, my preferred boss mod
Cellular (tabbed popup whisper window)
Prat (sounds when a chat happens, in any window)


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  1. Cynwise says:

    I always find it really interesting to see how other people configure their UIs. There are many fundamental assumptions we make about our playstyle that come out in our UIs that makes looking at other UIs so fascinating. For instance, my first response was “but where are all your keybinds?” – which is patently silly, you have Bartender laid out in a great way to map to your keyboard. But if you have 50+ keybinds (like I sadly do) then bartender takes up a lot more real estate.

    Nice post, and nice UI!

    • Thanks! I’m like you, I love just looking at someone else’s UI and absorbing how they see the game. (Where else can you really “look through someone else’s eyes?)

      Don’t hate me, but I keep myself quite limited with keybinds. If it’s not on my main row, I click. 😉 And I do my best for different classes to keep the same type of spells in the same locations.

      • Psynister says:

        I do exactly the same thing. Same types of spells in the same location, and if it’s not on the primary action bar it gets clicked.

        The one exception I make to that are the stance-type (warrior stance, druid form, ect) abilities, they all get keybindings.

  2. Toran says:

    That’s the great thing about UI design in WoW. What works for one person may be completely foreign to another. Function over form! 🙂

    One quick comment. It looks like you are using Recount. If you want to save ~5fps, I’d recommend trying Skada or TinyDPS.

    – Toran

    • Yeah I saw tinydps in your UI. I might look into it. I use Recount to track a lot more than dps meters (actually I loathe dps meters) but knowing who that mage was dpsing, and if the dps are following kill order in raids, is nice Let alone the death report. Oh the death report on LK.

      • Toran says:

        You don’t want TinyDPS then. Try Skada. It’s so much more lightweight than Recount and can track the same stuff (beyond dps).

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