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Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting

Confessions of a raider on an RP server

I love my role-play server. Love it. I’ve spent my entire World of Warcraft life playing on Sentinels. Sure I’ve branched out recently with my pinky toe, I mean my dwarf paladin, into PVP territory and Ner’zhul, but my love belongs to Sentinels. You see, I used to be a role-player. It was in a totally free-form, chat based environment. Only near the end of my role-playing time there did we switch to more forums based stuff, so what we wrote actually had some sort of permanence. Before that, all you could control was your own sense of character, your own personal plot lines, and some of us were lucky enough to find others who’s personal stories didn’t clash, and somehow create drama and story and LIFE all within a little chat room. Oh, The Green Dragon Inn, how I miss you.

And, to this day, when I play my toons in World of Warcraft, I still have some sense of story for each of them. Whether it’s the druid with a love of exploring new places and meeting new people, or the priest struggling with the powers of shadow and her own sense of history, personal and national. The mage, who I leveled really just to play with engineering and act out a love of frost magic, she’s my attempt to get back to the basics of personal story, even within the grand marching storyline of Good vs Evil in the World of Warcraft. The rogue, a reincarnation of my very first toon after leveling 4 others which really made sticking to a solid story quite difficult, but even she has one: love of adventure, a dash of greed (rogue ninja ore & flower stealer). Soon she’ll have her spec which I’ll have made purely out of fun, the talents that I truly love in a rogue. And my shaman. She was my main in Wrath of the Lich King. She keeps getting juggled with the priest, as they both support my guild in the same roles (heal/dps). But her adventure leveling as pure enhancement, then becoming a healer “for the good of…” friends, guild, raid. That in itself is a story that stays with me every time I’m playing the shaman. (I’m struggling with my paladin. I really loved blood elf_finding_the_Light. But now she’s a dwarf. How the hell? Sunwell accident? Machinations of a warlock/&/mage?) If you have an idea on how to explain this switch, leave a comment or send me a message somehow!

I even need a sense of story, a reason WHY, when it comes to switching specs in the game. I don’t always share my ideas with even my closest in game friends, but I have these reasons in my head when I do them, stories that add to each character. Why did my priest and druid refuse to heal during their entire lifetime in The Burning Crusade? Why did the druid give up on tanking? Why did the priest finally decide Discipline was respectable, and the shadows weren’t suiting her needs?

I really love story. And I think I know why I don’t really role-play much in World of Warcraft. That big story? It’s nice. It’s pretty. It gives my love of raiding reason. But it’s not why I play these characters and it’s not why I love them. The mage being told she should play with fire spells more, and her stubborn refusal, that’s why I play.


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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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