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UPDATE: As of today, Saturday, July 17th, Hootsuite now offers an OptOut button on your Insight tab. I still would like to know how my real name got tied with my username, but I guess I’ll just have to recheck everything I can. This is good. I love my Hootsuite. Makes twitter fun and easy no matter where I am. Can’t wait to try to Mobile Apps. Now if only they had bit.ly integration… then again I do love my bit.ly sidebar.

I’ve recently become a devoted hootsuite.com user for my twitter needs. It has a way to add “team members” to a twitter account (Guild twitter account, and team members=PR/Morale/News Officers?) and I’m wondering if anyone has tried that out for their Guild yet. How’s it working? Maybe I’ve missed a review of this elsewhere?

My hesitation about it arises from something called the Insight tab.

I have yet to get an answer from @hootsuite_help on what the Insight tab is, how it gets it’s information, and how I can control what is shown there.

The dirty secret of the Insight tab

WTF where'd these connections come from?

In warcraft news: I’ve developed a serious case of alt-itis lately. My paladin was successfully transferred to Ner’zhul to join @Asros and @cavaliersguild. I started levelling a sexy draenai warrior there, and I ran through every single Draenai-zone quest there. Tabard of The Hand is damn sexy. (I’m kinda wishing I had made it male instead of female. Boo). I’m leveling that with my buddy @xparanormalityx who has accompanied me on at least 3 levelling adventures so far (all the way to 80, too, though he tends to level 3 in the time it takes me to level 1). I’ve also rolled a yummy troll hunter. I really wanted to see all the quests for trolls as they are now before Cataclysm hits.

It’s interesting but uncomfortable to have to regrow the guild/raidteam cohesion in a new area. Especially when really NONE of us has any cohesion together yet. Much different from adding one new person, we just added ten. While we knocked out TOC10 not horribly, it wasn’t necessarily pretty.

Now I’m left to wonder how to turn a ragtag group of strangers that know the instances, aren’t necessarily used to the same strategies (even on trash.. Bad trash pulls = ouch), know their roles, into a cohesive team. I’m pretty sure the only way to do that will be through repetitive practice. Joy.

Also, check out RaidWarning’s Shaman Roundtable: Totem Recall.


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Raid Warning Druid Roundtabe

Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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