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ESRB says…

Remember that #realID fiasco? You know, the one with Blizzard and Activision?

The first thing I did, following Esc Hatch’s advice, was file a complaint over at http://ESRB.org

Today I received an email back from them. This letter does NOT satisfy me at all. And, what the hell is up with a gazillion viewable emails inside the CC portion of the header of the email? I can figure out people’s real names from many of them.

Major fail, ESRB. Super, duper, fail. I can’t even post a screenshot because I don’t want to set these other folks up for scam artists, but some of them are obviously legitimate first.lastname AT gmail emails!

So, uh, who do I report the ESRB to?

Thank you for contacting the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) regarding the policy recently announced by Blizzard Entertainment which would have required participants in its official forums to post comments using their real first and last names, and for expressing your concerns regarding potential privacy implications.

It is our understanding that Blizzard has provided an update announcing that it will not be implementing the above-referenced policy with respect to its forums, and users will not be required to post using their real names. You can read Blizzard’s announcement regarding this most recent development at http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=25968987278&sid=1&pageNo=1.

Separately, if you have questions regarding Blizzard’s implementation of its Real ID option — which by our understanding is unrelated to Blizzard’s plans for its forums — and/or the new capabilities this option offers, they will likely be answered by reviewing the information posted at http://www.battle.net/realid/.

ESRB, through its Privacy Online program, helps companies develop practices to safeguard users’ personal information online while still providing a safe and enjoyable video game experience for all. We appreciate your taking the time to contact us with your concerns, and please feel free to direct any future inquiries you may have regarding online privacy to our attention.


Entertainment Software Rating Board


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2 Responses

  1. Rick says:

    Guess what I received last night as well.

    I was shocked and amazed by the sheer stupidity that is the ESRB. Way to FUCKING go you goddamn bunch of idiots.

  2. acbarrentine says:

    I have a buddy who spins multiple accounts on a multitude of services out there. I once inadvertently linked to two of his account from the same page that he wanted to keep separate. He was watching his referrer logs carefully and saw the new influx of traffic. He freaked out and had me remove the link. That sort of thing can happen so easily, though.

    Consider the Synergy function on Palm’s webOs. It brings down contact information from a variety of sources and attempts to unify them. It would be pretty easy for someone to scan through Palm’s data to see what accounts I’ve linked in my address book.

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