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More alts!

Who loves patch days? I do! Okay not really but I had a ton of fun on twitter killing time. That’s good, right? My character slots on Sentinels are full. I have a Tauren named Aadru and a Dwarf named Elheaf, possible names for my hunter and warrior. If Ner’Zhul and @Asros don’t steal my attention. I really hate the idea of repeating a class. All I have left besides warrior and hunter is DK though.

I’ve been a busy bee. My alt rogue, who is really just my ninja ore and herb gatherer, and who also sat at level 70 for months, finally hit 80. But, she pretty much only did that because my mage, an alt I leveled at a different rate, needed ore to improve her engineering. When I have a goal in mind, I can work pretty damn hard for it!

But, the end result is a lovely frost mage with goggles that I can play passably well, and a rogue who really sucks at dps but has great luck finding titanium. Melee just boggles my mind. I leveled a tank first, and then an enhancement shaman all the way to 80, and now I’m struggling with melee? Weird. I hate energy management a lot. So I just putz around on the rogue in normal ICC instances, farm ore and flowers, and that’s it.

In raiding, my guild has successfully managed to field a full 25man two weeks in a row! We focus primarily on tens, so our one night a week 25m is quite a change of pace. In my tens we’ve managed the blood wing, and made solid progress on Sindragosa! Go go my shaman!


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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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