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Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting

Caught between extremes

I’m a member of two guilds, one more active than the other, but I often raid with both. Maybe you’ve noticed the summer-time slump in Warcraft as many regular faces vanished to enjoy the sunshine and the good times available? I know I sure noticed it. Both guilds struggled to maintain support and direction for those left behind.

I don’t consider myself hardcore as a player. I try my best to play well. I read warcraft blogs. I do not have an awesome machine that means I get 60fps in Dalaran (I often dc in Dalaran actually..) I grow a little bit and learn a little bit every time I play the game, which frankly is a little bit each day.

So, as the guilds struggle, some of their weak spots become more obvious. Both had interesting loot issues. (I lost t7.5 on one of my dedicated raiding toons to the 4th alt of a piss-poor player. I also watched 2 mages lose out on upgrades to a priest that raids holy but wanted gear for shadow.) These things happened due to the culture that had developed in the guild, not due to lax guidelines on how things are supposed to be done. (Well okay, the 7.5 was due to lax guidelines too.)

Where am I going with this?

Both guilds are now suffering a lack of direction. Many of the players play to have fun, and I do too. But it seems we have fun in different ways. I don’t have fun wiping twenty times on something that at least half the raid has done before because no one is guiding new players on how to conquer the boss. I don’t like seeing really bad talent point arrangements, that are pure laziness as opposed to “I really like every single one of these talents and use them all!” I don’t like seeing dps that are clueless to the point a tank is doing higher damage than them. I don’t like carrying others to gear upgrades (especially taken away from me). At least if I respect your play I can deal with losing gear to you…

So I find myself stuck. I don’t think I’m hard core. But I’m not so casual that I joyfully tag along to overgear and overpower a run or a raid for people that haven’t put any time into learning their class or the fight they want to beat. Yet in both guilds the word “hardcore” is tossed around like an insult, a dirty nasty tag you don’t want applied to you. Maybe that’s because I play on an RP server? Regardless, I don’t like being viewed as dirtying these guilds by having high standards of conduct, or by desiring to work with others that have similar high standards to conquer more difficult content.

I lost my temper recently in the guild where the guild management’s attempt to guage players to prioritize invites to Ulduar 25 (yes.. ULDUAR 25) met with strong resistance, the word hardcore being tossed about “We don’t want to be hardcore!” and general guild uneasiness with any form of grade put on performance (let alone attendance for progression night raiding.)

Why am I “hardcore” if I play well and want to raid with others that play well? Why am I an elitist if I want my co healers to heal as well as I do, so I don’t have to sweat the entire raid that if I’m not on top of everything we’re gonna wipe? Why does a dps who tops the meters have to watch someone at the bottom of the performance meter, who isn’t really contributing, earn dkp and later take a piece of loot that I performed and worked hard for, while they were carried?

Are we hardcore because we use DKP?
Are we hardcore because we raid in the top level raids?
Are we hardcore because we raid 3 nights a week?
Are we hardcore because we expect raiders to know how to play their toons well if they want to raid with the toon?

A 25man raid allows for “carrying” or overlooking some bad performance by a few because of the good performance of the many. It’s easier in a 25man to make a mistake and have it be recoverable. Ten mans are MUCH less forgiving. Heroics even more so, though the content doesn’t hit as hard as 25man raids.

I do not support carrying low performance players. I don’t work this hard to carry others. I want those I raid with to work as hard as me in the raid, because I want to successfully kill bosses and I want to progress further into Ulduar.

This was after a couple mass exodus of the great raiders from the guild because of the horrible hold the piss poor raiders had on the management, and the craptastic invites that were being sent out.

I think it comes down to a confusion on the guild’s identity. It was an accidental raiding guild when a core of ten really awesome players got together and started accomplishing stuff back in TBC.

The other guild sells itself in recruitment as a raiding guild, but allows alts in blues and a green (or two) into Ulduar. So both are having trouble. And both feel it violates the codes of their guilds to have basic dps/stat requirements for the most difficult raids.

I find this frustrating as hell. And find that pulling my oldest toon out of her parking guild, where she was always willing to help out in a raid on an off night as whatever spec was needed, very difficult.


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