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Guild event: race thru ulduar

I love the idea for tonight’s race through Ulduar 10. I don’t know if the kill order of bosses is set down before hand, or if they have to kill certain bosses in any order up to a certain point to declare a winner. I won’t be there, as I’ll be in 25m Ulduar on my shaman, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

Thinking about this contest got me to considering what I would want in a balanced group for Ulduar 10.

Shaman for heroism

Mage, Warlock for some awesome ranged dps and their buffs to the raid with int

Hunter for some misdirection goodness which can be incredibly useful, but also great ranged dps

2 Paladins for their buffs. (I’ll admit I love ret paladin replenishment more so than any other)

DK because Death Grip and their raid buffs really do rock

warrior for some shouts

priest buffs

druid buffs

When it comes to healing Ulduar I’ve learned to work well as part of a shaman/tree druid/priest combo. I’ve found that healing Ulduar has more to do with assigning healing around the strengths the heal classes offer is key, per boss fight since they are so… interesting in Ulduar. You typically need one AOE suited healer, and 2 more focused heal types.

I typically run with two warrior tanks, though I really like a DK/Warrior combo, or a Paladin/Warrior combo. I’m used to my security blanket warriors. 😉 And we just don’t seem to carry as many dps warriors as we did in the past.

Note this is all pre-Keepers. Thorim and Hodir kick my butt, Thorim more so than Hodir. I finally learned when to time my chain heals on Hodir. Thorim I just die really fast. Ugh.


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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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