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The first hint of loot drama

And to show that this loot drama is not a new thing..

Setting: OS 8 man run. June 17th this year.

The run was smooth as silk. Then loot happened. Warlock got a ring, awesome. Mage didn’t roll, though they could have used it. But gloves were mage/druid/dk/whatever. When that item was announced, mage rolled instantly.

Then there was a long pause.

I was not on vent so I don’t know what happened. All I know is what I saw in raid.

After the pause, Treedruid rolled a high number and looted the t7 gloves. I was incredulous and wow armoried him, and yes he’s in all Valorous 7.5 stuff for his resto/main set.

In any raiding situation, it is common decency, I believe, that main spec upgrades come before off spec upgrades, regardless of who you are, or where you’re raiding.

I don’t know why Treedruid rolled. I don’t know why “acting” raid leader (though Treedruid had master loot), or anyone else didn’t dispute the roll.

Treedruid said in guild chat, where I mentioned the most basic loot rule of main spec before offspec, that he offered to the mage to send the token to him and the mage passed. I’m sorry but the mage rolled, and Treedruid should be expected to send that token to them via a GM ticket, regardless. Treedruid shouldn’t have rolled for any reason, since that mage did roll.

What do I want done?
1. those gloves sent to the mage
2. clarify main spec before off spec looting wherever AMP raid looting

I am extremely saddened that a player I respected acted so badly in such a simple situation over, of all things, tier 7 gloves that are buyable with emblems of heroism, when he’s raiding Ulduar on his tree spec when we have two teams going.

I have 3 80s, and all of them raid. I pug a lot. So maybe that means I’m more in tune with how to treat people that don’t share my guild tag, how to treat alts that are working just as hard to gear up as mains that earn DKP and emblems of valor and honor. I also have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and I have tanked with my face for most of my wow career, both in raid situations and in guild dramas.

Why is there a problem in this otherwise awesome guild about main spec before off spec? I think I just have a serious problem with sensibilities of entitlement. I leveled my shadowpriest originally outside of guild, and geared her for raiding with pugs, 100%. I do not insert my undergeared toons into runs they aren’t ready for.


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