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Open letter to the management #1

Just in case I get booted from the guild for causing trouble I’m posting these letters here. 🙂

I love our AMP loot system in 25man raids. I find it incredibly fair, and it is by far my favorite loot system that I’ve run across in all my raiding on this server. But I do pug alot, so I take it for granted that BOP or BOE would go to main spec before off spec, regardless of status as a main or an alt.

Tonight’s loot issue was XXXXX, filling a healer slot on the raid signup and healing for most of the raid night, rolling on BOP purple caster bracers with spell-hit, when the raid had a shadowpriest and 2 mages present. Not only rolling but taking the loot.

As I read the loot rules now, under BOE it says

Starting with WotLK, many bosses will drop BoE epics. Priority for rolling on these will be as follows:
Raid member for main spec
Raid member for off spec
Raid member’s alt
Greed roll (winner may do with it what they wish)

Since our ten mans aren’t running AMP, I’m not sure why these same guidelines aren’t applied to BOP items. I understand that ideally, for main spec, in order to pass loot around and offer the best overall improvement to the raids, items as a mian spec upgrade are one per person until every main spec of a certain type (melee/caster/heals/tank/armor limits) has gotten an upgrade or passes, then is permitted as a 2nd main spec upgrade unless no one wants it, then is opened up to offspec.

Outside of the above guidelines for purple BOE items in WotLK all I see as guidelines for ten man raids is

1. Pass on Purple BoP items, then discuss in party chat. Follow the same procedure as with Blue BoP items.
2. Pass on Blue BoP items unless they are a significant upgrade for you. If it is an upgrade for you and you would use it immediately, say so in party chat. Roll for it only if the party leader tells you to.

I don’t like loot confusion and I do like clearly set rules. I was also under the impression that main spec before off spec was a universally applied loot theory. These bracers were not immediately equipped by XXXXXX, nor were they the rest of the night. So I’m honestly just very confused why an item with spellhit was rolled on by a healer when there were casting dps, and plenty of it, present. Offspec was never announced during the looting.

Any help explaining the loot of 10 mans would be appreciated before I sign up for more.


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