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bring on the loot drama, 3.2

Yesterday I was sitting in vent chatting with some friendly guildies. Want to know what we began discussing?

Patch 3.2 BOP Items Trade
A very nice feature was added to the game with the latest PTR patch, according to the interface files and a few in-game tests you can now trade BOP items with members of your raid who participated in the kill. This change will probably considerably lower the amount of GM petitions each day.

Just, wow. The more I thought about this, the more I boggled.

So first, what do you think Loot is? Is it a reward to each raider for their performance? Or is it a tool to be used for further progression, making it guild/raid property assigned to people to further progression? I happen to think it’s the latter, when you’re talking about non-pug progression. A raider is granted loot assuming they will continue to raid with that team, and the loot will give them more to support the raid, whether that’s dps, tank survivability or healing power.

Second, what would this BOP change mean for dkp? Is one raider that doesn’t raid all that often going to spend their dkp on an item and sell it to another guildy that wanted it just as bad, but had already used up their dkp? Are there going to be backroom deals on who spends their dkp which night, small little cabals who’s purpose is to make gold at the expense of their fellow raiders?

And third, how the heck will raid management deal with this change? Both my guilds work a modified loot system (quite different from each other) that attempts to assure that the most number of people each night get at least a piece of loot. Suddenly with this change, at the end of a raid night the leadership has no freaking clue who is keeping the gear they were assigned, or how its moving about the raid. Suddenly there is less knowledge about what gear your tank is going to have for the next raid, your healers, your dps that you awarded loot hoping their numbers would improve.

A few weeks ago a few raiders rolled on a BOE drop in 25man Ulduar, for the life of me I can’t remember if it was a mainspec roll or an offspec roll. One of them won it. Turns out a few days later he sold it to a guildie for that guildie’s alt. The second I heard about this I flipped out, and I’m going to make damn sure that the loot rules are modified so if that happens again, the one that sold the loot gets benched for at least a week. In that case the loot totally left the raid makeup for an alt not even in the guild. This BOP rule does keep it within the raidid, but for larger guilds with a rotating team, that is going to prove interesting.

If you’ve seen any other blog posts on this topic, please share them! I honestly haven’t and I’ve got a pretty decent blogroll on my google reader. But I’m really curious how the bigger guilds will manage. Hopefully Matticus will tackle this subject soon too.

That’s a BOE example, no raid id limitation.


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