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Hai. I’ve had a shitty week. You really don’t want to hear the drama, am I right? It just involves me being really pissed off and now refusing to raid with either of my guilds, the ten man Ulduar or the twenty-five man Naxx/Ulduar pug.

Oh, you do want to know?
Brand new 80 paladin join the Naxx run on Monday. They healed, seriously, 600hps. They had been 80 not very long, and their player is horrible, who has 4 other alts, one of them an awesomely geared holy priest. On my disc priest I’ve passed on tier gear for them, so they could gear up and support their guild. (my druid is in the guild, not my priest)
So, tier7.5 pants drop not once, but twice. Newb pally rolls both times. I roll a 4 the first time. oh well. I rolled a 96 the 2nd time and was really happy because I figured I won (finally). I pug with them all the time in Naxx, 1 because they are short priests that can manage to MC properly the Razuvious fight, and 2 my druid is a noob healer and I wouldn’t bring it to their raids. (hint: I have some standards) The paladin rolled a 97. BUT! It gets better. We both whispered the raid leader that if one of the non-guild pugs didn’t roll a winning number, we’d use our main’s dkp. (strange guild dkp system). She had more dkp than me too.
The end result: I’m pissed I’ve passed on tier gear before for this bitch on her OTHER toons, I’m pissed they rolled on the tier gear at all when the raid was full of Ulduar raiders, I’m pissed I lost. Basically, I’m just pissed.
RAWR /angryface

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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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