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The heroic Raz fight

I’ve been losing my mind, lately. Raiding on my priest in 25man naxx so she can perform reasonably well in Ulduar when needed has led to some serious frustration.

Last night there was a lot of failure on MC tanking in Naxx. And I was told, yet again, that hit gear isn’t necessary on the MCing priest to help the situation.
Urban legends bug the hell out of me. So I attempted to try and track down the mechanic behind Mind Control, and the Raz fight in general. Needless to say there is not a lot of info out there, that I could find anyways. Tankspot mentioned the “heartbeat tick” resist check. As far as I know (from here on out known as AFAIK) neither of us had the glyph of Mind Control on our priests, but I switched to my shadow spec and put on every piece of hit gear I own. I normally have no trouble MC tanking this. (My new pretty ui actually caused me some consternation and led to lag, among other things.)
Anyone have any useful links?

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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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