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Llyra has this fabulous Mimiron strategy post up on the blog. Wish I was that far, we’ve been dying on Hodir and this week will take a look at Thorim instead.

Tank Like a Girl’s post about World of Logs has me super excited and I think I may be getting my guild sick of it, because I keep referencing it for my guildies to use as a guide to decipher the details in those reports. But, indeed, with Loggerhead, it is ridiculously easy for me to get the logs uploaded. I love it.
Drug’s post on progression is… interesting. I totally got caught up on a tangent about the competitiveness of the game, and the top raiding guilds. I’m a raider, in some pretty awesome raiding guilds on my podunk server. (Three guilds, 2 Ally and 1 Horde, have downed Yogg Saron non-hard-mode). But I’m not competitive enough to like the flavor of those top guilds. I’m a social player, and I raid for the individual sense of accomplishment, not so I can flex my silly muscles at those less honored than I. I really couldn’t force myself to finish drug’s article, love his writing though I do. I’m just too disconnected from the topic.
I’m really kind of tempted to say “QQ moar” 😉

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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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