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Wow-armory fail!

So I log into the game to switch my druid’s gear and spec back to tanking so I can get some constructive criticism (maybe I’m gearing wrong? Enchanting? Gemming?) and it appears that even tho the main page says Resto, the talents page says Feral Tank.  And the gear says resto even tho as I logged in I see my tank gear.

W. T. F. 
I’m saying that a lot lately.  Don’t ask about my road rage issues…
The Big Bear Butt Blogger wrote a simply fabulouso post today about druid tanking and threat (a continuation of his WoWInsider stuff?) in general.  I am reassured that I am doing everything I can (FF, fcharge, mangle/maul combos) but the trigger happy ranged dps that don’t maintain anywhere near half their max range are the problems.  
I still hear “Guys let her get aggro/threat” in my head at times when NPR or music isn’t on, and it still makes me twitch (“wtf do you want me to do?! I’m using every global cooldown I can on everything I’ve got!” /suppressed vent speak) but I know it’s not really my problem in the threat department.  It doesn’t help that they outgear me (Malkazar, Siku, Klanfear/druid,mage,shaman) in many ways.  I don’t roll on 7.5 gear on the few raids I run with the guild because I simply don’t raid as often as the others, and thus they need it more than me.
I think it’s just worse because I don’t raid the druid very often, so my confidence with her tanking, especially main tanking, is shot.  And having a healer as my main, I feel both the fail-tank guilt and the “shit those healers feel like crap now” guilt.

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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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