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Just found Lyra at Healing Way thanks to a Wow Insider article.  Was added to my google reader right away, and I found an excellent article on the mess that the Blizzard devs have made of the Blessing of Wisdom vs. Mana Spring Totem debacle.

Great read!  In fact hopefully its in the right list of shaman articles to read…
Now, I need to write a post about arranging groups, which many many MANY raids, maybe because they are led by more casual leaders, think died with 3.0 thanks to so many buffs going raid wide.  Anyone that plays a toon with *some* party only effects knows how rough it is to get the raid leader to set up the groups a certain way.  
My pet peeve is running with healers that don’t use raid frames and/or prefer to heal their target in the same group.  But hey I don’t mind keeping Mana Tide Totem all to myself… until we wipe because they went oom…

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Raid Warning Druid Roundtabe

Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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