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Guild pesonality

Hm. I am about ready to pull all my toons out of my current guild. It’s really rather sad, because the original members gquit our TBC raiding guild with me an made this one. But somewhere along the way I think it changed from “friends leveling and raiding together” to “friends just hanging out” which isn’t really what I expected.

I don’t want really to raid every week. Every other week, sure. With three 80s and knowing as many people on the server as I do, it’s not that difficult to pug a raid (did I mention we did heroic Twilight Assist the other day with a complete pug? Fantabulous).

I’m not sure where the problems have been coming from. Getting into a groove and then having people disappear hits morale, pugging was working til suddenly Springtime hit and 30 accepts on the calendar turned into 14 ready to raid, and 45minutes to fill the rest. (I’m more the type to cancel after 15min if a raid cannot be pulled together). I was accused of being too negative and unwilling to try new things (ie: insane crazy strategies when our usual strategy works just find thanks). So frankly, I’m tired. I’m done. I don’t want to be the cheerleader anymore, the glue that keeps people happy. I don’t want to deal with personalities or even juggle the stress of putting a raid together. Half of those regularly online want to hit Ulduar, and only half of them are geared for it. They don’t want to do any more Naxx, and I don’t want to take them to Ulduar. So we’re at a cross roads. And being in guild just makes me really unhappy because everyone is dwelling on how lifeless it feels, how unmotivated it is. It’s hard to find the perfect people that want to raid casually, that like our loot system, that want to relax with cool people and have a good time, so recruiting is slow as hell.

I think I can QQ a bit more…

And underneath it all I am really hostile to the fact that I’ve raided and heroiced with them non stop as resto, since hitting 80, because it was needed. And these people will be online and not raid, won’t help out, expect to be carried.

You know, I think I will gquit when I get back. At least I can do it publicly and as nicely as possible. Last night the gchat was pretty much hinting that it was coming for a lot of us.


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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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