Just Plain Bossy

Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting

Healing meters

 This fight is Gluth.  I was kiting more than healing.

 This fight is Grobbulus.  One thing I noticed, I was a great slime focus magnet!
 This is Patchwerk.  I spam chain healed/LHW/riptide and ES on the lowest HP soak tank.  And shared the LHW hasted proc on some of the other tanks too, at times.
 Instructor Raz.  The first fight of the night.  I nearly had a heart attack when I saw this before the next pull.
I also managed to win this little gem: Forethought Talisman. 🙂  Yay my trinket ambitions in Naxx 25 may be over.  Maybe.  However, watching the proc rates on the other fights made me cry a little bit.  Maybe I would do better to keep my spark of life…
Issue #1: Recount needs a label at the top of the window detailing which fight you’re looking at.  I have mine set to store only the five most recent fights.

Issue #2: My ego. 

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Raid Warning Druid Roundtabe

Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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