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The flood of guildies

Karthis posted about how raiders have come out of the woodwork now that Ulduar is out. My comment turned into a blog post so I severely whittled what I left on this blog, and have brought the remaining here.

“I certainly hope your guild is smart enough to NOT give these deserters first chance into ulduar, that they’ve been demoted to 2nd tier raiders, fill ins where needed.”

This attitude spread through the raiding guilds on my RP server. A friend of mine is in one of the top raiding Alliance guilds on my server and guess what? He has been raiding with them faithfully for the past 2 months, gearing up, and performing outstandingly well. But he was sidelined last night. So pardon me if I’m a bit ticked off at the attitude, as I call it.

I lack sympathy for those that “burnt out” and either stopped logging on or were logged on but stopped supporting their guild. They had the time to have a life outside the game, and could still work on all those achievements? Boo Hoo. If achievements weren’t their thing, then they got to level alts or they got to raid every other week or once a month, dependent upon their attention span and their inclination.

Juggling rep grinds on 3 80s, and gearing them up for heroic raids, leveling professions… heck I didn’t even get a chance to level fishing yet. So those cry babies who now want to raid?

Screw ’em. We saw where their priorities were, so it should be no surprise where the guild’s priorities are.

Oh pardon me, a “good” guild.

… Yeah I’m a volatile person. Life is never dull, which keeps me entertained.


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