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ah the Gquits

Two of my guild’s best healers gquit today.  During the lockup in HVOA (Archevon was dead, we were learning/wiping on the new guy) a few of us vented about Blizzard releasing patches with gaping problems that result in a weeks worth of fixings and breakings.  That, apparently following some gchat QQ about the major raiding guilds on the server that have crazy guild drama internally, along with interesting raiding policies (38% attendee gets ulduar invite over 100% attendee? wow) must have pushed them too hard.

They joined us not intending to raid very often.  I’m not sure if they just couldn’t resist (raiding is fun, after all) or hated to not help where they could.  I just liked having their expertise in the guild, and I will continue to maintain that we’re a 10man raiding guild with friends that makes 25mans possible and doable and sometimes freaking awesome. 
But the abrupt gquit in the middle of a raid with no warning, no goodbye, and no explanation, is quite a trip.
I actually feel like taking a break from wow some.  If I do manage to get the bicycle plan going and retire my car I may be too tired for major raiding!  Guess we’ll see.

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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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