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Kel didn’t die

Okay let me contemplate my sadness.

We put up one hell of a good fight.  One our best attempt we had him down to 37k health.  But the big beetle adds were apparantly just too much for our off tanks.  It was a nightmare.  One attempt 3 would spawn in one location, the next attempt 3 would spawn on the other side.  We had 4 off tanks ready and waiting.  I just don’t know *how* they weren’t grabbing the bugs, but I guess there’s a reason I don’t tank raids since TBC.
I feel incredibly guilty at that 37k wipe to Kel.  The off tank on my side was struggling.  I think I need to beat into the off tank heads that they need to call stuff out on vent more.  The OT died, another picked up, someone else taunted off him… it was a nightmare of confusion.  Who to spam heal?!  When the bugs are that big the tank needs the spam, so with so many quick changes, and 4 people highlighted red on my raidframes with aggro, I simply had no idea who to heal.
I probably sounded like a whiner refusing to admit that I was wrong (I did fail to heal, and that is why we died) but there’s a reason we normally do this fight with 1 MT and 2 OT.  To lessen the heal target confusion. 
I am rather impressed however that we did so well on that fight wtih 5 healers.  One holy priest, 2 resto druids and 2 resto shamans.  We fanned out with a druid and shaman on either side of kel, chain healing melee and watching the OTs, while the holy priest was front and center.  I’m still rather aggravated that finding and keeping a 6th healer that is a focus target healer (Disc priest/holy pally) is proving to be SUCH A PAIN IN THE A$$.  We had a different holy paly each night.  

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