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the raid check encounter

Ahh, Thaddius, how I loathe thee.

I was pretty excited this weekend that FINALLY we had pulled together a raid capable of clearing Naxx25. That’s pretty impressive given my guild makes up about half the raid, and the rest is purely pug people that we have grouped/raided with in the past. Given the holiday nature of the weekend, things were a bit iffy on the attendance we’d have to continue through to the end.

I can’t even remember the order of the wings we cleared. I and my co-guild priest ran the MCs on the Razsuvious fight because we’re familiar with it and both handle it well. (On a side note, I was wondering if I had just an ungodly amount of hit on my hit gear, but 353 actually seems just right, given she’s Disc and not Shadow.) Needless to say, Sunday came up with everything dead except Thaddius and 4 horsemen.

That was the best go at 4 horsemen I’ve seen, and out of a pug it was simply fantastic. We killed the first boss (just inside the door on the left) just as the third mark went up for the debuff. FAST! I can’t get over how fast he died. We had a DK tank, 2 resto shammys, and a druid there. The boss on the right side of the doorway was tanked and healed by a paladin duo. And in back we had a DK/druid and Paladin/Priest combo trading spots and tanking til the dps machine could roll in.

It went down smooth.

But then all we had left was Thaddius. The entire raid was excited at the prospect of getting to Saph and Kel. Sadly, we let some people into the raid we shouldn’t have. A boomkin and a DK were doing less damage and dps than our tanks. They won’t be invited to return.

On our last attempt on Thadd we actually had people moving (after the first 2 died) fast enough to avoid electrocuting half the raid, and almost everyone made the jump. But 2 wipes at 10% health showed we just didn’t have the dps needed. I even stopped healing with my shaman to throw weak dps at him.

Sadness. Let’s hope we get a better group tonight to finally finish it.

DBM needs to be mandatory, along with vent.


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