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What’s in a name?

I honestly forget where I read this meme that was making the rounds of the wow blogosphere, but figured I would checkout wowarmory and see if I’m unoriginal or not.

So, the rules were: Why did you name your toon that?
1. Lheaf – Cuz I wanted her to be a druid, I really wasn’t planning on resto, and had already leveled Nuiwhisper to 60 as balance so wasn’t particularly interested in going that path either.  I just like to be contrary and a RAWRkitty or bear tank named something soft and gentle like Lheaf seemed great.  There aren’t that many Lheaf in the armory, either.  4.  And mine is the only 80.
2. Zarixaanu – created when Lheaf was firmly stuck in tank rut during SSC raids in TBC.  I wanted a shadowpriest.  I liked utility and didn’t look for epeen, since it didnt exist then for shadows.  She’s now Disc btw and beats down my ego with her meter numbers.  yay.
I wanted an unusual name but “Xaanu” was definitely going to be part of it.  I find this name not difficult to pronounce at all.  “Zary-Zanu” is how I say it.  For some reason I want to say my inspiration came from Piers Anthony, even though I’ve read maybe three of his books, and wasn’t compelled to read more (which is odd).  Most of his novels take place in Xanth, but honestly just now I was thinking Xanadu.  Bizarre. 
There is only ONE Zarixaanu on wowarmory.
3. Valkure – Maybe I was psychic about Northrend?  I named her this cuz I wanted something nordic, possibly from my mother’s ranting in my ear constantly during her ancestry.com kick (which she hasn’t given up).  I wanted something mythic and norse and powerful.  I quickly claimed valkyrierisen as an internet handle.  
She was created when getting Zari into raids wasn’t happening, Lheaf wasn’t tanking much either, and I wanted a secret little project.  My inspiration to make a shaman was Adrimar on my server, who was some awesome dps in TBC.  I wanted enhancement.  Funny how I raid resto, now.  Valkure is my main, as well, and I say her name  “Val-kuh-ree”.  
Unfortunately there’s a buttload of Valkures on the wowarmory site.  Maybe I should name change…

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