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Guild politics that I fail at

10man Malygos is frustrating wtih two healers.  My guild hasn’t killed it once yet, but me and the druid are sure we can keep people alive, provided we aren’t dumb.  And that’s a royal WE there.  I wonder if I should get some arcane protection potions for phase 2 because those ranged mobs wtfpwn me and anyone else if I’m too busy running to a bubble to top them off.  
I am not sure what is going on in the guild, but only six people out of twenty 80s ever sign up to kill Maly.  I can’t take being the cheerleader/salesperson convincing these raiders to freaking raid.  This is our last real progression besides 25man.  I’m not sure why none of the rest want to put attempts in.  The state of our 25mans are the same, maybe ten sign up out of the 22 in the guild, yet if those of us that want to raid go with a pug, we’re frowned at and ostracized.  Like me.  But, this core that DOES sign up for raids, well me and my MT are making things happen, despite our dismay at the guild attitude.
So yesterday our ten man Malygos attempts were painful.  The first time this week we put attempts in, we got to phase three twice.  But today, we barely saw it.  People were just dying too early.  But after putting it on the calendar almost every day this week, and only putting two solid attempts in, well I guess that’s alright.  
Later, I pugged into a Malygos 25man that I expected to be nothing but a round of wipes.  I somehow managed to live through phase 3 on the final attempt.  Honestly, with the mounts being such a pain to target/heal, and me being too lazy to find an appropriate macro (is there one?!), I settle for spamming the 1 attack and then doing the AOE heal.  I figure, with the other healers doing their jobs, my aoe heal is helping a little bit, and damage to beat the enrage is somewhat helpful.  On that last attempt, we all managed to stay clustered up.  When the enrage bar scrolled the last 30seconds I stopped healing and just spammed the attacking buttons.  But we got him (with maybe 3 seconds to go on Enrage, but more than half the raid was alive which is awesome).
So now I have the title Champion of the Frozen Wastes.  Yet another nail to put in my coffin among the guildies that aren’t happy with me, aren’t raiding, and simply get angrier when those of us that want to raid still raid without them.
Did I mention I pugged into heroic naxx and killed KelThuzad yesterday, too?  

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