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My guild has steadily increased in size from our modest beginnings to last night having the entire online group in Heroic Naxx (22 of us). This is great! We fielded five healers: Me, a deep Disc priest, a disc/holy priest, a tree and a paladin. We carried four tanks, because that’s what we have in the guild and sub-25 people, we’ll take what we can get. There was a paladin, two warriors (one of which is our go-to MT) and a DK tank. Spider fell without much trouble, and we only hiccupped once on Heigan, so Plague fell, too. It was fabulous. Took us a smidge over two hours.

Everything was fine, heals were a tad rough especially on the Widow in Spider Wing with all those poisons, and Noth with all those curses, but I think we killed Loatheb with everyone still alive, so I was quite proud of the team. Me and the tree were working extra hard on those debuffs, which hurt overall raid healing a tad since both of us dominate the raid healing.

Until we ran into a few Loot QQs.

Our guild’s typical raid policy, especially 25man raiding, is one loot per person for that raid, and usually that includes tier pieces. This, combined with open loot counciling (in raid chat, too, because I just go there *RAWR*) where we quickly analyze who gets the biggest upgrade from an item, works pretty well. Everyone bar one got loot yesterday. That’s a fabulous way to improve the overall raid, imho.

But the hiccup happened at the last boss. The topic came up that “I wouldn’t have rolled on that earlier item (and won it) if I knew I wouldn’t get to roll on the tier piece later”, coupled with our ret paladin who hadn’t won anything and a misloot by the master looter to the shadowpriest (who won the roll off before we clarified they already had received loot). That attitude in quotes just ticks me off, especially by people who would pass on other upgrades that are clearly upgrades just to ensure a chance to win later (I mean did they really /inspect the whole raid to see if anyone they share a tier token with also needed a tier piece?). With a raid predominantly pug, I can understand that it happens and I don’t begrudge pugs their choice to do that: they want badges and a winning raid, they can take their chances on their one and only roll. But when personal greed takes precedence over an obvious upgrade, just UGH. Sacrificing our overall raid improvement for said greed bugs me. Then again, I’m the only resto shaman, so maybe I don’t struggle for loot as often. I don’t raid much on my druid… The end result was one of the tanks offering the shadowpriest the “option” of putting in a GM ticket for the tier token to go to the ret paladin, in lieu of that paladin getting a free loot item at the next raid. This didn’t appeal to me and a few others, as that would start off the next raid on an unbalanced footing. Today I’m going to find out if the ticket was submitted or not, and decide how to proceed from there.

The other loot QQ happened when fabulous caster boots dropped, our warlock was wearing blues but had already won something, and our elemental shaman pug wanted them for his best in slot gear. Our loot policy also prioritizes that items with said armor go to classes that wear said armor, best in slot or not. I’m a fan of that myself: Blizzard Devs wouldn’t grant you the ability to wear mail if you were supposed to wear cloth to do your job. The decision to upgrade the warlock’s blue boots wasn’t too hard to come to, thanks to my relationship with that shaman, and the fact that he is a member of a major server raiding guild and can easily spend dkp on them the next time they drop for his guild.

Those two instances did give us a chance to see a few issues in our loot system, but overall I think it serves us pretty well. I’ll link our wowwebstats later on. Should I anonymize or not?


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