Just Plain Bossy

Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting

Hybrid theory

I play some hybrid classes, yep.  But I’m pretty inflexible on the druid.  With her I will dps or tank, and courtesy of The Burning Crusade still cluttering up my brain I’m a much less confident tank than I should be, so I seek off-tank positions in 10 man pugs.  The other night in a heroic Naxx pug fully raid buffed she hit 38k health.  Can I just “AWESOME!”  Yeah I loved it.  But boomkin is a no go.  I just can’t really figure out the rotation or track the procs very well.

The shaman I am now more comfortable healing than dpsing with enhancement, and I don’t really play with the elemental build.  That’s probably from endless heroics and raid healing for as long as she has.  I can still pull decent heroic dps but not in the 3k range.  And tho I have some elemental gear gathering dust in the bank, I just don’t play with it.  Mainly because I’m not a rich wow player!
And now the priest, the last of my 70+ toons is leveling.  She went from 0-40 as holy, 40-70+ raiding as shadow, and 70-72 as deep discipline healing instances for guildies as they started leveling through those low areas.  But now she’s back to shadow and I am rediscovering just how much fun that is.  Sure healing with discipline was fun, proccing bubbles around people and holy-bazzuka-ing, I mean hitting people with penance randomly in Dalaran, was fun.  But somehow the quests are more entertaining from a ranged perspective, as opposed to the shaman and druid.  
I guess my hybrid-ness isn’t 100% since I haven’t, or cannot, master all three specs of the shaman and druid, and I never claimed to be an excellent priest of any spec, but between a tank, a healer and a ranged dps I think I’ll have things covered for pugging. 

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Raid Warning Druid Roundtabe

Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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