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Tank healing

Lodur posted over at World of Matticus on shaman tank healing. I found it interesting, especially since I’m at work and cannot tab over to a copy of the talent trees at the moment to see exactly the differences in the specs. My healing style lately has been duo healing 10mans with a tree (please give me a tree for Maexxna, PLEASE) or a paladin.

I have to think that the toughest 2 healing job I’ve been in so far was Patchwerk. I was healing the tank primarily, while the paladin with his unending crit mana was healing the offtank, who we know takes gobs more damage. My rotation was pretty much 2 lesser healing waves, a healing wave tossed onto my tank (though later in the fight I would shoot a lesser healing wave onto mine and follow with a healing wave onto the off tank), a riptide on the off tank just to assist immediately followed by a hopeful crit chain heal. And pretty much repeat. I have finally learned to riptide before every chain heal! Woo.

Next time I am stuck healing a tank I’m going to pay more attention to my rotation. Well, the next good-feeling tank-healing I do.

After clearing Military last night with my favorite druid cohealer (who sadly I think I caused to overheal a ton. I really need to fix my dps bar so i can easily switch to dpsing on light trash), the raid broke up and I went into heroic violet hold with a ret paladin, warrior tank, rogue and a hunter. It was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had healing an instance. Is that because I outgear the heroic? I found it fun because I was watching those three melee like a hawk and was constantly shifting target, and shifting my healing strategy, but I was staying on top of the damage. riptide, lesser healing wave and chain heal were flowing perfectly it seemed. They all took a ton of damage since the rogue and paladin are aggro whores, but no one died that run! Just don’t remind me how close I came..

I really need to configure power auras, which is sitting disabled in my folder, and fix msbt so I can easily see those ability procs, that or just choose one or the other. I need something to yell at me when earth shield falls off the MT especially since I spend most of my time raid healing and need to really be focused to keep an eye on the MT’s buffs. Oh and while I’m at it, Grid is insalled and partially configured but the dynamic layout funcionality leaves a lot to be desired. I had to switch back to xperl because I jus react better to those green bars. Which makes me sad since I think there is a difference in lag. Maybe today I’ll mess around with disabling unneeded parts of xperl.


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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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