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Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting


Alts are the bane of my life right now. My raiding life.

The ret paladin who was our top dps has developed an attitude that he doesn’t need to raid with us anymore now that we got him what he wanted, so he’s leveled his DK alt. The paladin tank that was rolling on naxx tank gear over our 2nd warrior off tank and paladin off tank has decided he is done tanking, and is leveling his DK to tank. Because of his position as a MT quality guy and raid leader, he set up ten-man “teams” all on his own, which the GM jumped on with full support, despite our less than perfect attendance of the 20 level 80 raiding quality members we had. Oh and of course those fresh 80 DKs were in naxx the night they actually got 80. Thank heavens they aren’t in my teams.

Me? Peeved much? Why would I, an enhancement shaman that went resto at 80 with that retadin who went prot so we could do instances to get our gear for raiding, I who was one of the first primary raid healers because we simply didn’t have enough healers to begin with, let alone geared healers, be upset by 1. the nasty raiding attitude towards anyone not pulling 4k dps in an undead metropolis by that ret paladin I first mentioned, 2. the taking of loot for a main toon and then switching to a different “main” to further win loot when 9 other people had a hand in getting that loot for those toons, only to loose out on the awesome dps and tanking abilities which make getting the loot for the rest of us that much more difficult, be upset?

Maybe this is just disdain for those that choose to level toons with no flexibility. My druid has only tanked in wrath. She lol-healed kara back in TBC with all her welfare epics from those raids she tanked, but I am simply not good at managing all those hots. Now, my shaman can fill a guild raid spot at almost any time, as heals when we need heals (more common) or as dps when they want heroism and have a slot open (because I count myself lucky at 2400 dps). I’m also the only one in guild that pugs. I don’t QQ iin guild for groups for my alts. I don’t whine and beg for guild dps to come kill stuff because I’m scared to pug. I know enough guilds and names on the server that for the most part I can spot a good pug opening and jump on it with the appropriate toon.

I gquit my druid tank alt today. To flex myself for the benefit of my nonexistent readers, I’ll admit she has a nice set of loot on herself, all from non-guild raids, one of which kept me up til 6am last weekend because it was a beautiful naxx pug that went so smooth none of us wanted to end it. If I could shove the noses of the afore mentioned into that, I would. In fact I think the next day I linked in gchat all the awesome gear she won. In TBC my druid was a main OT for a 25raiding guild that spent 4 nights a week raiding, and yet my shadow prieset hit 70, got her crafted epics, and pugged heroics and raids til she was comparable to any shadowpriest in the raiding guild. (She was there, but not a raider, so had no access to guild 25m loot)

We’ll see when I get home from work if Valkure remains guilded (which I fully intend, but I’m not healing alts in guild raids, even though I worry that that punishes the raid as a whole insead of that alt player). I need to pull the shadowpriest but I was looking forward to leveling her with other guild alts, so maybe I can refrain.


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