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Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting

Growing pains

Guild troubles ahead. Ugh.

You would think that the word “ugh” was descriptive enough to cover my frustration with guild shenanigans, but since I’m still a key player in the officer structure of the guild, of which there is like practically none, I have a lot of work to do and really no idea where to begin.

Formed to casually raid 10man content. That was the basic idea when I /gquit from my TBC 25man raiding guild after a long build up and a final blow up with my GM, followed by immediate /gkicking of every single alt of mine within moments of my gquit, quickly followed by others dropping and reforming under a new guild with me. Now, I didn’t create the guild, I was just the impetus for the other dissatisfied and frankly burnt out raiders to rethink their goals in our server’s raiding scene.

But now our guild has about 20 raid worthy toons that are mains (another post for my core-antipathy for alts raiding) and a schedule 5Server Time to 9Server Time that isn’t 100% doable for everyone. Half want to raid every day of the week, and others (like me) think that 3 or 4 a week is fine. And making those raid nights consecutive is a fast track to burnout for me.

I’ve been trying to work on a rotating MT and OT duties, rotating the healing duos that work well together and offer both HoTs and solid MT heals, pushing for a 2-healer raid since we are light on heals and heavy on dps, and rotating the dps through the various wings of Naxx. But making everyone happy seems impossible. One 10 man is all we can field so far assuredly because of the heal and tank limitations we work with. And I get dragged in to third heal like a security blanket (which means really wasted overheal, oh and raid lead since i’m one of the few experienced raiders with a microphone and comfortable talking on vent) on nights when really I didn’t even want to raid.

I probably have more to vent but lunch is almost over.

Can I just say blah?

And they wonder why I **LIKE** to pug.


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Raid Warning Druid Roundtable

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