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Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting

Dead time

Yikes, between work and WoW and family crisiis from this economy I’ve had no brain to compose suitable postings.

My guild cleared 10man Naxx for the first time last week, and I was there as enhance since it was a weekend when both awesome trees and the uber priest were online and ready to go.  We also downed Sapphiron and Kel’thuzad on night two.  Let’s just say we were on a roll.
Sunday we attempted Malygos and got him to 15% on our 4th?..maybe our fifth try.  It took us three nights to clear Naxx so now I’m pushing for us to continue gearing up and accomplish it in two nights, or with only two healers.  When I’m there as resto the tree and the priest are just too damn fast most of the time.  You don’t wanna see my overheal numbers.
We spent our first night of raids this week 25manning Naxx, and I think most of us felt it was…. not as comfortable.  But that led to a ton of drama over our raid scheduling for some people, whether we want hard and fast teams (two of them) set up, or how we can manage to build flexible and balanced teams that aren’t so much based around cliques.  Loot systems came up.  It was just nasty.  Mainly because I spent my time “we founded this guild…” on repeat.  
Apparantly I’m the “naysayer” in the guild.  Because I don’t like to wipe more than five times on the same boss, after every wipe I focus on what we did wrong and clarify on vent what we will do differently the next attempt, and don’t like to tolerate loot QQ and bitching and moaning from those that barely log on enough to gear up in 80 and heroic instances, let alone come to our raids.  How the hell did I find myself in position as enforcer, again?  I guess it never left me, even when I gquit from my previous guild and most of these guys followed me not long after.
So, a lot of minor unpleasantness.  Joy.  I did manage to score some awesome loot and maybe if I can figure out how to java-link the wowhead stuff, I’ll do it!  Being the only shammy in the raid and often resto, makes me a happy shammy!

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