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Split personalities and hybrid warcrafting


I know I’m a huge pain in the butt to play World of Warcraft with. But I’m lovable despite my annoyances. ūüôā

Case in point: I am constantly asking on vent “OMG GUYS WHAT IS IT?!” Why? Not because I want them to name what’s right in front of me. Simply because I can’t see what they’re seeing.

This is what I see:

Lots of blur

And this is what @xparanormalityx sees:

He has a nicer computer, obviously

@xparanormalityx is my leveling partner most of the time, which is incredibly helpful since we have levelled so many toons together over the past year. He puts up with me and does his best. Let’s all give him a round of applause.


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Overlooked Changes (via Psynister’s Notebook)

I’ve been pretty busy with alts lately. My troll hunter Kiotikah is about to go to Northrend, my new night elf mage is level 25, and I even did some work on a baby dwarf priest on Arathor. All good times with my levelling buddy. Even just raking in the gold from skinning makes me happy!

So, because I’ve been busy on alts, I’ve seen these changes first hand just hadn’t noticed all the little details. Right now is indeed the best time to make an alt, I think! So, thanks @psynister for the heads up!

Today we're going to look at some of the things that have changed in the recent patches that not everyone knows about. Blizzard did an excellent job of leaving things out of the patch notes this time around and it's been a bit of an interesting search trying to find them all. I'm sure I don't have all of the things that have gone unnoticed listed here, so I certainly welcome your input on anything else you may have noticed that others seem to hav … Read More

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To Group or to Solo (via Welcome to Spinksville!)

There’s been a lot of chatter throughout Wrath of the Lich King over the tone of groups and dungeons in The World of Warcraft. It’s been on forums, game blogs, personal blogs, twitter, etc. There’s drama galore. But this post is just amazing on the topic. “Ancient roles, and non-negotiation in instance groups part 2”

Back in the day, some character classes were known as group friendly classes, and others were solo friendly. The group friendly ones were typically tanks, healers and support classes and they usually had fairly poor dps and were slow at soloing. The others were the dps classes. Group friendly classes asserted their importance in groups because ‚Ķ they couldn‚Äôt really do much outside groups. Their whole game depended on being needed in groups. A so … Read More

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No regrets in Wrath (via Enthrall of Icecrown)

Well done! @enthralls put quite well a lot of the feelings of “meh” I’ve seen in the game lately. Me? I’ve been levelling my Troll Hunter and her pink plainstrider named Barbie. My video card is no longer supported in the game, so I’m going to play out this last month on alts and hope that I can play after 4.0.3a lands and I can finally fly through the old world, since Northrend kills the video so bad I receive a wonderful blue screen of death. One last wonderful hurrah for my toons. Until I get a new computer, at least.

No regrets in Wrath The patch (4.0.3a) that shatters our virtual world arrives today and I for one and looking forward to it with great¬†anticipation. This is my first expansion experience and I am surprised at how broken-feeling things are in the end game raid environment. Gaps in the¬†rotation¬†that level 85 abilities are to fill, talents we don't have access to just yet. It's been rather taxing on my enjoyment of the Enhancement¬†play-style¬†as it sits in a state of i … Read More

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Tanks with attitude

Lheaf and Suflet

Best friends?

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Before the Towers fall..

Ancient stone fairly glowed as dawn broke through the sheltering branches of Elwynn Forest and struck the mighty wall of Stormwind City. The early morning hush was heavy and still. Guards that normally were casual and greeting familiar shop keepers instead stared and searched every shadow and nook. The energy in the mist stretching up from the harbor along the road carried a malignant energy. A dark foreboding.

The walls themselves almost trembled as they caged a growing spirit of unease, panic, fear. Every now and then a faint rumble could be felt, and dust shook from those mighty stones. It seemed, when that happened, every breath by the unusual crowds filling the City were held.


Arokaryn, the solitary mercenary often hired by those of power and influence, and even those without power or influence but gold to spend, stalked gracefully, if tiredly, along the roadway through the shadows behind the wall, her destination never the totality of her focus. Liquid silver eyes cataloged deeper shadows, and long ears that escaped the covering of her cloak’s hood twitched, catching sounds that came at a furious pace. She grimaced at the crowds, the sheer overwhelming numbers that her senses relayed. This city was not as it was last time she visited. Guards that passed by eyed her dark and dirty armor and boots askance, and made to approach her until the next step she took caused the heavy leather cloak to slip and reveal a tabard of silver thread that nearly glowed through the gloom.

As the guards paused, then moved on, a slight smirk twisted her lips. How she loved avoiding the complications that seemed to sprout every step she took. At a doorway in the Mage Quarter, she lightly leapt up steps and paused at a firmly shut door. Within seconds, it was cracked open to reveal a blinding light, with sound and energy unheard of on the mortal plane echoing up from the depths below the entry room. As she slipped inside, only the faintest movement of her fingertips as she disappeared betrayed a message to the silent watchers without.

Magic swirled so heavily within the city, especially this quarter, much could be overlooked. But the powers that ruled through wars and uncounted sufferings weren’t fools. Or they’d never have remained in power. And those calloused fingers had traced a warning sigil in the air before she disappeared within.

Whiskers twitched slightly as coiled muscles quivered and ached to move, to pounce, to stretch claws and rip through flesh and blood and guts. The cat remained still, though. Far beyond what a beast, regardless of cunning intelligence, could be expected to maintain. Guards continued to walk past, mages deep in discussion carried on their tasks and duties. But she waited, her body lying on the ground but tense and always ready, waiting, for that door to move again. In the shadows, practicing a bit of native magic bred into her very bones that let her disappear from sight and senses, the druid named Lheaf kept guard silently. She was hungry and thirsty, but the outcome of this meeting meant needed intelligence not just for the King of Stormwind City and the Alliance, but could foretell the fate of the world.

Every tremble of earth that sent dust up and brought instant quiet to the mass of humans and others within the walls of the City sent screams of disturbance through the natural world as raging energies from elsewhere forced their will upon Azeroth. The screams echoed deep within the druid’s nerves, ran along every extra sense she possessed. They violated not just her attunement with the world, didn’t only shred her link to the ancient land of Kalimdor and the heart of the Night Elf people, but required a will honed through countless battles against undead monsters and evil born into flesh to leash the chaos of the beast who’s form she used normally so effortlessly. While humans cowered from what they could see, smell, hear and feel, her senses were a thousand times stronger, and she also had the extra senses gained from her link to the life force of the world.

Lheaf carefully drew shallow breaths and focused her will ever more tightly. A hum approached the closed door she hadn’t removed here yes from, and as the magical energies became more apparent, she crouched, ready to spring if necessary.

Insects droned as Wynsmea walked won the ramp from the training tower where primary portals stood and other research took place. Her ice blue eyes were unfocused as she stared at her feet, heedless of the bound water elemental trailing her footsteps behind her. Only the calming sound of water, constantly moving, constantly carrying energy in a never ending cycle within the binding spell and the powers of the elemental forces caged so carefully, centered her awareness in a blinding flash of insight. With a pause, Wynsmea turned only her blonde head to look down and across the park like area at a door opening in a row of similar doors. They led to private studies, private purposes and intents. But something felt wrong.

Where Lheaf waited, her fur stood on end as she drew upon the limited natural energies within reach, attempting to buffer herself against the malign sense of wrongness that filled the air like a heavy draft of ill air from the ocean.

Arokaryn slid out the door facing the park, her hood pulled back to reveal a long white braid hanging over her shoulder. Her eyes were empty, and her movements stiff.

Wynsmea’s eyes narrowed, and without a word spoken, the mighty water elemental that had been so passive shifted its weight and gathered energy.

The glow behind the night elf rogue seemed to increase, and the druid moved before the sound from the depths of the study could rise above a whisper. She flowed across the ground, approaching as silent as death. With the door remaining open, her senses relayed only one human smell, and no others. Whether there were other doors inside that hid reinforcements, she didn’t know. But the summoner had to die before he finished his ritual. Death, purging the taint, the grip of insanity ripping through the world. Lheaf almost betrayed a growl as she paused at the base of the steps, watching Arokaryn’s body for a betraying movement that meant she’d have to die, too.

Arokaryn’s hands moved, sliding to the weapons at her hips under her cloak, but they lacked grace and finesse. But a sudden shift in energies snapped into place with a crack of lightning. A graceful orb of water that embodied life and health plunged into the elf’s chest before pulling out and spinning around her body in a dazzling shower. With the first plunge, Lheaf shifted her focus seamlessly to the real danger. A foreign tongue spoken with a musical rhyme increased the sudden return of power balance to the elemental energies of the park, so sudden the previous imbalance became all the more obvious. Standing silently amidst totems planted firmly in the earth and humming with power, Indulgence was calm and collected, though her hands betrayed the focus on the water element cleansing Arokaryn of the toxin impeding her natural resistances.

Wynsmea’s focus moved past the elf and the elemental launched a bolt of focused frozen power through the gap of the door’s opening. A human yell of surprise was cut off, while the sound of crackling ice echoed from the now silent building where Arokaryn had kept her morning appointment.

“Never good to be careless with the elements.” Wynsmea’s soft accents trilled as she continued her walk, only this time heading for the open door and the frozen figure within.

Lheaf had long since disappeared inside, checking the remains of the building’s basement and the summoning spell, seeking other identities and further information to present to the King’s counsel, and the Priestess’s court. While she eased just as stealthily out of the building and away from the now crowded scene. Around the corner, she paused to take the familiar form of a Night Elf woman in worn armor of feral design and coloring. With a careless stride and charming smile, she headed off to report inconspicuously on the results of the meeting.

Arokaryn held her head and sat on the steps, trying to avoid the probing questions of Mages, guards, a Knight and the intent stare of an interfering priestess.

She’d have to have a word with those that assigned her these missions, she thought.

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The Slut Myth (via Women’s Glib)

Amazingly good read.

by JANEY ‚ÄúIn my first book, Full Frontal Feminism, I opened by asking readers what the worst thing you could call a woman is (slut, bitch, whore, cunt), then what the worst thing you can call a man is (pussy, fag, sissy, girl). In both cases, the answers were some variation of 'woman.'‚ÄĚ — Jessica Valenti, The Purity Myth The word ‚Äúslut‚ÄĚ first originated as a Middle English word meaning a physically dirty woman, and has now evolved to mean a meta … Read More

via Women's Glib

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Where Shizu explodes

Poor @shizukera loses her patience with the failure of character development or character understanding by many players/developers; her rant/rage following this carries a lot of rage shared by many players.

I seriously hate this attitude toward Jaina and I hate how she’s been developed in game. THE WOMAN IS A MAGE. SHE STUDIED UNDER FREAKING ANTONIDAS. She led her people across the sea on a prophet’s word and by all accounts is leading them competently. But she’ll only ever be known as this whiny little girl who is somehow responsible for Arthas and Kael’thas going insane. God DAMN, what I wouldn’t give for a chance to have any influence at all over this shit. I’d do a few things differently, like … and there’s the outlet I needed for this week’s frustration and nerdrage. WELL. Time for chocolate! Also to either read or kill shit. ūüė¶

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Now that 4.0.1 has settled

I title this a bit hesitantly because, really, this patch feels far from settled, despite countless server restarts and the fixes put out thus far. From the bug where druid battle-rez + warlock soulstone + shaman self-rez ankh can only be used once (out of all 3) per combat, when that is only supposed to apply to druid battle-rez (once per combat, regardless of individual druid 30minute cooldown availability). Let me squash down my unimaginable rage at the major druid change of destroying permanent-tree-form in exchange for a tree-uber-heal cooldown, despite the awesome threat that druid tanks are currently putting out.

Have I mentioned I was born a feral druid during The Burning Crusade that loves to tank whatever baddies are out there with her bear face? That I loved my awesome insta-threat, hellish mitigation, REAL hybrid “do everything” during raiding back in TBC? Oh, I have. I knew that. Well I’m loving the bear stuff, but it doesn’t outweigh the other druid changes that make me cry if I dwell on my lovely druid. I’m still tanking stuff as I wind down this expansion, still enjoying the game. My druid tank was carried through 4/12 Heroic ICC10 this week, to finish 6 more bosses on regular! And the leather loot gods loved her.

Well, after the saga that was re-installing the game, and the two days it took me to finally download the expansion and the updates and patches, I was glad to get in game and see some of the changes. Many good things, and many bugged-out-the-wazoo issues.

Good: Interface changes with party and raid frames being much less hell, Justice points (stop skipping bosses, puggers, you are making us miss out on justice points!), better stats information panel. Reforging useless junk into useful loot (as a bear tank, arpen MADE ME WANT TO HURT KITTENS) is kickass. Skull bash is the new feral druid spell interrupt/charge and it’s freaking beyond awesome.

Bad: I really don’t like re-learning the classes I’ve played for two years. But there’s more I don’t like.

Glyphs, need more glyphs. We can play with so many, yet there are so few REAL choices. I want glyphs that let me play how I want to play, not that pigeon hole me into a style the developers forced. Speaking of style, wtf healing options are all over the place. The best is reading paladins on twitter cry about wanting their old heal-bomb style back. As a healer, I loved knowing my tank and knowing what to expect from a fight because I could anticipate how to heal. Last minute stressful triage is NOT FUN so someone please tell me why the devs thought moving in that direction would make people WANT to heal. Then they also had to slip a buff to Vengeance in to beef up tank threat.

My video drivers now hates my guts. My favorite addon, Cellular, that manages to give me a tabbed window for every whisper I get makes my game crash when I’m trying to switch toons. (As someone on the same little RP server for going on 3 years with 6 80s and an assortment of little toons I like to hop around on, crashing EVERY TIME is a great way to MAKE ME QUIT THE GAME. ahem)

Things I don’t really like: the new spell queue thing going on. When you hit a button it gets queued, whether the GCD lets you use that ability now or not. That is taking some adjusting from this 50% clicker. :/

All in all, still not sure I’ll be around for Cataclysm. I don’t mind walking way from this. I’m kind of anxious for real life to improve. It just hasn’t yet and this is a pretty inexpensive way to enjoy my time until real life gets “better”. I’ve met amazing people here though from all over the country & world and that I will miss, if I really feel continuing to play won’t be much fun.

I change things constantly

Checking myself, for the billionth time, with gear set XYZ

This post inspired by @GeekShui and @phineasdelgado I’m a bit worried, Phineas seemed a bit revved up to come to blows over what I may say!

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Cynwise’s Battlefield Store (via Cynwise’s Battlefield Manual)

GIVE ME NAO! No really. I have the absolute most fun in Eye of the Storm. I think it’s combat style suits me the best. I will queue that all day and not get bored!

So, someone that loves me, you know what to do.

I think the coffee mugs suits me best, however. Or else, wtb dark colored tshirt. At the very least, grey not white.

Cynwise's Battlefield Store You may recall the topographical battleground maps I did a few months ago; maps that showed the logical flow of the battlegrounds instead of the actual terrain. ¬†The feedback I got on the designs was great and much appreciated, but I kept thinking that I needed to do more with them. ¬†Maybe a series of introductory posts to each BG, or a detailed analysis of various strategies used in each fight. But every time I sat down to write such a thing, I … Read More

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